Based on the Holy Rule of St. Augustine

You And God

“Let us love God above all things"

Do you love God with an undivided heart?
Do you serve Him in joy and freedom?
Do you have a childlike confidence in God?
Do you go to church on Sundays and days of obligations?
Are you grateful to God? Do you practice your faith daily?
Do you use God’s name with respect?

“Be zealous in prayer"

Do you like to pray daily?
Do you put your best effort at Mass?
Do you pray for others?

You And Others

“Honor God in each other, whose temples you have become”

What do others mean to you?
Do you seek to honor God in them?
Do you pray for the success of others?
Do you pray for the living and deceased members of your family and parish community?

“Live together in harmony and love”

What is your attitude towards others?
Do you abstain from harsh and unkind words?
How do you accept the limitations of others?
Do you seek to protect their good name?
Do you talk about those who are absent?
Do you try to repair the damage you have done by uncharitable talk?
Do you try to settle quarrels as soon as you can?
Do you ask forgiveness if you have injured another?
Do you pardon those who hurt you?
Do you lie?

"All your work shall be for the community, done with more constant diligence.”

Do you place the interests of others before your own?
Are you self-seeking in your work?
Are you happy to serve others in any way?
Do you devote all of your talents to the service of those?
Are you sincerely interested in the work of others?
Are you lazy?

"For God, who dwells in you, will thus protect you by your mutual vigilance.”

Do you give a bad example to others?
Does your conduct offend others?
Does your attitude promote the spiritual life of others?
Do you omit necessary fraternal correction?

“Call nothing your own” - Stewardship

Do you use material goods with loving care?
Do you envy the material and spiritual goods of others?
Are you satisfied with what is really necessary?
Do you take things from work or store without permission or paying for them?
Are you more concerned with material things?

“It is by being more obedient, therefore, that you show mercy”

Do you honor, love and respect your elders, parents and superiors?
Are you ready for any good work that others may give you?
Do you pray for your, parents, elders and superiors?


“Your love for one another must be spiritual, not carnal"

Do you serve God with an undivided heart?
Do you fight against your sensual inclinations?
Do you tell improper stories?
Do you watch inappropriate movies?
Did you do any inappropriate acts?

"Pride infects even good works”.

Do you consider yourself better than others in thought, word or deed?
Do you seek the admiration and praise of others?
Do you despise others?

“Subdue the flesh, so far as your health permits, by fasting and abstinence from food and drink.”

Do you ever omit prayers or duties because you are afraid to make the necessary sacrifices to perform them?
Do you seek pleasure for its own sake?
Do you always choose the most comfortable and agreeable things?
Do you guard your senses? Do you waste food?
Do you take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health?