The state of Illinois is expected to enter Phase 5 on Friday, June 11, which means that all sectors of society will fully reopen. The Diocese of Joliet will follow Illinois public health guidelines, and the rules at Mass will be as follows:

We Can be at full capacity and registration is no longer necessary .

Normal physical distancing will be in effect.

Masks: Fully vaccinated are not required to wear a mask or face shield. Individuals who have not been vaccinated are encouraged to continue wearing a mask.

Hand Sanitizer will remain available, and it is recommended but not required upon entering the Church or prior to Communion.

Holy Water Fonts will remain empty. There are 2 Holy Water Dispensers as you enter the Church.

The Chalice remains postponed for the Congregation.

Receiving Communion by hand is preferrable, but by tongue is acceptable.

Singing is now allowed!

Missals/Gather Hymnals is now allowed.

Presentation of Gifts is now allowed.

Sign Of Peace continues with no physical contact

Office and social gatherings including food is now allowed at full capacity levels.

Dispensation is still active for the time being. In the event we do not move to Phase 5 this weekend, you may sign in when you attend Mass as we are currently not accepting online reservations. For clarification, we will not be asking if you have been vaccinated or not but rather leaving that to your discretion. As stated before, we continue to sanitize the facility once daily per the CDC. As per our Notice on our doors, you assume the risk of entering the building and the possible result of Covid19 without holding Our Mother of Good Counsel liable.

We are excited and hopeful to be moving into Phase 5. We appreciate all your cooperation, flexibility, and support during the past 15 months.

We continue to follow sanitizing protocols, but as with any other building you enter, there is always a risk. Please use your best judgement.

Procedures will continue to evolve as we move toward normalcy. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.