How do I register at the Parish?

We prefer the human contact. Come and see us at the Parish Office during office hours or meet with the Pastor after mass. It gives you an opportunity to see our church and meet with us.


How do I register my children for Religious Education?

Call Janet Litterio Tuesday through Thursday for more information. For more information visit our Religious Education Page


What do to when I am in the hospital?

Due to HIPPA the hospital does not call the parish when you are there. Call the Parish Office to have a visit in the hospital to be anointed and receive Holy Communion


What do I do when I am physically unable to come to Mass?

Call the Parish Office. Someone from the parish will bring you communion once a week. You can also be visited for confession and anointing.


How do I schedule a funeral, a wedding, a baptism or a mass?

If you need to schedule a funeral, a wedding, a baptism or have a mass intention, Call the Parish Office at 708 301-6246. You can help you with an information you need.