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Resources for April you will find on Formed

Holy Week Reflections

Dr. Brant Pitre takes listeners on a Scriptural walk from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday. Learn about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, why He cursed a fig tree and the importance of “Blood and Water” that flowed out from Christ’s side.

Animated Bible Series - Creation

This series is currently under production. Creation highlights Genesis, Chapters 1-3,man’s creation, the fall of man, banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and the promise of future redemption.

Mass At Home

Since we are unable to join together for Mass, Formed has weekend Masses posted. Join and pray. Palm Sunday is featured here, but each Sunday will be listed on the website.

MOVIES: The Jesus Stories

These four movies are created to help children apply the lessons found in Jesus’ parables to everyday life. Each episode creates a story situation that children can relate to, a parable and a thought-provoking way to apply it.