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Resources for March you will find on Formed

Lenten Reflections

Embrace Christ and let his mercy pierce your heart during this Lenten season. Join us for a 40 day journey welcoming his tender love with these short daily videos. Sign up to receive these reflections in your inbox at https://formed.org/lent.

Brother Francis: Let’s Learn About Lent

Join Brother Francis in this presentation of what Lent is all about and how we observe it as Catholics. This is great for your entire family.

MOVIES: Joseph of Nazareth

The first feature film ever on the story of St. Joseph, who was a carpenter, the husband of Mary, and the foster father of Jesus Christ. Scripture tells us that St. Joseph was a "just man" and that God gave him the most daunting task ever asked of a man–to be the husband of the woman who would give birth to the Messiah and the father and protector of this Holy Family. He would be the man closest to Christ.

MOVIES: Patrick

Fun-loving Patrick had it easy at his parents’ seaside villa. At 16, he thought he had it made for life–that is, until the day riders kidnapped him to nearby Ireland. Now a slave and shepherd, Patrick faced a bleak and uncertain future. To survive, he’d have to conquer cold, hunger, wild beasts, and enemies. So he turned to God. With new strength and inner freedom, he began an incredible saga of faith against which no enemy would prevail.