As per Bishop Pates, there is no obligation to attend Mass while we are gradually re-opening the church.

Please stay home if any of the following apply:

• You are feeling ill or have any flu-symptoms

• You have had the coronavirus or exposure to it in the past two weeks,

• You feel uncomfortable, because those most vulnerable are the elderly and those with a significant health condition.

What To Expect At Mass

You must make a reservation for each member of your household for the Mass you plan to attend.

Reservations can be made here

Arriving At Church

• All who are attending must wear masks at all times
• Arrive 15 minutes before Mass to allow time for the check-in process
• A greeter will immediately check you in, offer hand sanitizer, and show you where you are to be seated
• There will be no collection baskets during Mass, so please leave your donation in the basket near the entrance
• Observe social distancing at all times

During Mass

• There will be no singing during Mass
• Hymn books will not be available
• Some parts of the Mass will be simplified

During Communion

• Do not leave your seat until directed by the Usher
• Maintain six feet of social distance in the Communion line
• The Consecrated Host may only be taken in hand
• After receiving the host, move six feet to the right or left, remove your mask, consume the host, and replace your mask
• Hand sanitzer will be availabe after receiving Communion
• Return to your seat

At Mass Conclusion

• Pews will be dismissed a row at a time. You may leave your seat when directed by the Usher
• Exiting will occur out of the side doors in the Sanctuary
• Please do not congregate in church, in the narthex or outside the doors